Is there a law that regulates your activity?2021-07-01T06:48:53+02:00

Yes. Since 2017, the German prostitution law has set some very important rules, like the obligation of using a condom during normal or oral sex.

Does our meeting have a dress code?2021-07-01T06:48:34+02:00

You can dress the way you want. As for me, I will surprise you with casual, elegant, business, sexy or sporty outfits that I will choose accordingly to the nature of our meeting.

Can I cancel the meeting if something unexpected happens?2021-07-01T06:48:09+02:00

Yes. My cancelation fee is 50 euro and you can do it even if I gaet to your door.

What about booking a meeting with you?2021-07-01T06:47:25+02:00

Booking in advance is good thing for both of us.

Can I ask you for different services if I bring you a gift?2021-07-01T06:47:01+02:00

No. Donations are accepted just for my companionship and for the services listed in this website.

Do I have to bring you gifts?2021-07-01T06:46:37+02:00

No. I never expect gratuities, but I have no problems if you want to surprise me or you feel the need to express yourself by bringing a gift, In this situation, you can see my wishlist here.

How do I have to behave myself?2021-07-01T06:45:34+02:00

Our meeting is a together thing. That means that we are both involved and the more you act like a gentleman, the more I will respond to that, trying to fulfill all your wishes, to follow you on a path of pleasure and eroticism. I expect you to be kind and generous, a sensible and passionate human being.

OK, I pay for your services, but what other obligations do I have?2021-07-03T13:57:46+02:00

I expect you to be freshly showered and well groomed. Your body has to smell nice your breath must by minty, fresh in general.

Don’t hesitate to contact me
and suggest an idea for our date
or if you had another location in mind.

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